Find Balance in life through discovering Exercise is FUN and can provide RELAXATION.  Balance Minder takes a holistic approach to finding 'time out' for exercise. Successful engagement in an exercise program can happen when we find balance in our life and break down the barriers to a healthy lifestyle.

Business/Corporate Packages available - encourage your workplace to embrace a Wellness program.  Balance Minder can assist with the establishment of your workplace wellness plan.A healthy workplace is an essential business investment.

Healthy employees are more productive, take fewer sick days and have stronger loyalty to name just a few of the benefits.
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Balance Minder encourages us to make exercise enjoyable and asks us to
Make the move to have 'time out' together

Programs can be developed to suit your personal, group or organisation's needs.

Here are some of the examples

De-Stressing for Drug Action Week

Mackay district high school students are learning how to take time out and de-stress as part of Drug Action Week. Queensland Health ATODS staff have teamed with schools and the Time Out Tai Chi to deliver an exercise program to more than 650 students at seven schools.   

The theme of Drug Action Week this year was Looking After Your Mind and is a national event to increase awareness of alcohol and other drug issues.

 Tai Chi is a healthy and safe exercise that just about everyone can get involved in.  Time Out Tai Chi author and instructor Leanne Simpson encouraged students to use basic tai chi forms to think before acting rashly and to allow themselves to focus on task at hand.  

ATODS staff gave students a brief introduction to the service and handed out cards with contact details for drug and alcohol referral help and information.  The program kicked off on June 9 in order to reach a maximum number of students from Year 8-12 in Mackay, Proserpine, Calen and Mirani.  

Balance Fitness Food and Fun

“Make the move to have “time out” together.”
Let’s put a positive spin on “time out”.  A workshop focusing on balancing fitness, food and fun.. This hands-on workshop will have Grandparents, Parents and Carers using recipes and information from the FOODcents program, finding relaxation using Tai Chi and be introduced the concept of Time Out Tai Chi for the children in their lives to help them stand still, take a breath and use time out to think before acting rashly. 

This workshop is designed for adults of all ages. If people find it hard to grasp doing something for themselves they may like to consider their family members.  Modelling healthy behaviour helps children easily accept the importance of fitness and healthy food choices, while keeping yourself as mobile as possible allows for independence and quality of life.

Upon completion of the workshop participants share the prepared food and receive healthy,  cooking resources and the illustrated children’s book “Time Out Tai Chi-Welcoming Jing” by Leanne Simpson (RRP $20) to take home and share with their family.
FOODcents looks at easy to prepare, healthy, tasty, low cost food. 

The session will be a hands-on experience for participants with cooking equipment and food provided by the “Swap it, Don’t Stop it!” program.  Tai Chi for Health & Wellness has been developed in Australia with scientific studies showing improvement of muscular strength, flexibility, balance and fitness can be achieved through the practice of tai chi.  ​

Time Out Tai Chi

Through the ancient ages to our modern day over 300 million people in the world practice Tai Chi. Time Out Tai Chi blends the ancient art of tai chi with the concept of positive time out equals resilience It is an introduction to the basic principles of slow, gentle movements, thinking about your breath, concentrating and relaxing the body. Everyone can take time out to breathe.  

Please see our services/classes page for details of classes currently being held.

Time Out Tai Chi for Children is a program designed to introduce the tai chi concept to children from 18 months to 12 years.

Time Out Tai Chi Managing the Bull is for teenagers. Combining the Managing the Bull and Time Out Tai Chi concepts to encourage resilience through positive time out. 

Time Out Tai Chi

Accounting 4 Life 

Developed for the Chartered Accountants Rockhampton Meet the Business Leader

The concept of “time out” is to allow time for all involved to take a breather; a pause in the proceedings; a brief suspension of activity or even a time to reflect. Resilience is the ability to cope with life’s ups and downs has physical and mental benefits. 

Tai Chi physically and mentally reduces stress as it enhances concentration, improves relaxation, provides exercise and encourages making the move to have “time out” together.  The concept of Time Out Tai Chi uses basic Tai Chi postures to encourage these benefits and assist with behaviour self- management

Let’s look at some of the activities in life which can be seen as an asset (positive) or a liability (negative) to our quality of life.  How much time are we spending on the positives and accepting those liabilities which can lead to an enhanced asset?

  • Community Service
  • Exercise
  • Family & friends
  • Good food choices
  • Respect for others
  • Health
  •  Leisure
  • Job/study
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Stress

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Time Out Tai Chi

Make the move  to have 'time out' together