It’s Awarding to take Time Out Tai Chi into your life.

Time Out Tai Chi has been honoured by being named as 1 of 3 National finalists of the Australian Fitness 2020 Community Activation Award.

Time Out Tai Chi has been honoured by being named as 1 of 3 National finalists of the Australian Fitness 2020 Community Activation Award.  

The criteria for this award was as follows 

“Open to businesses making a positive impact in getting more people, more active, more often. The business contributes to supporting active communities, safe and connected communities, accessible and inclusive communities, encourages participation and collaboration between the industry and community groups, and promotes participation in sport, recreation, and community, for a minimum of twelve (12) months.” 

Time Out Tai Chi encourages a collaborative approach between Government, NGOs, businesses and community members by providing access to an inclusive form of exercise which engages with non-active community members in a mixed delivery mode. Time Out Tai Chi engaged 5000+ participants directly during 2019 and was nominated for an Australia Day 2019 Mackay Community Group Award. 

Developed by Leanne Simpson, CEO/Principal trainer of Balance Minder, Time Out Tai Chi started its adventure as an illustrated children’s book of the same name as we were asked to encourage Welcoming Jing into our lives through the gentle breathing exercises of tai chi. Jing is a Panda, the new animal at the zoo and can also be translated to mean serenity. Evolving now into a community wellness & exercise class with Leaders from around the country. 

Feeling fit and healthy is for every body. All should have the chance to improve the health and wellness of their body and mind. That’s why we offer solutions to improve your wellness; no matter what your fitness level, health or injury condition, or time available. To do this it takes a 3 stream approach with Community Classes, Online Programs and Learn to Teach and all have the option of exercising Off your Feet (seated) or On your Feet (standing).   

Designed to be shared with toddlers through to older adults, it has been a part of wellness options for people in crisis through to health promotion or in their own home because of busy lives, being a Carer, mental health distress and illness.  It’s about creating a sense of belonging regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.  

Being a modern-day adaption of an ancient art, Time Out Tai Chi celebrates our connection to the Australian environment and animals while teaching valuable breathing and relaxation techniques while doing gentle exercise. 

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