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Time Out Tai Chi

We help you to share the calming health benefits of this
modern-day adaptation of an ancient mindful exercise
through our Mindful Movement Mentorship

Why is this community of Time Out Tai Chi Leaders, for YOU?

Exercise is about taking the important ‘me time” to strengthen your body and mind. It increases your self-worth and decreases your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular & other diseases.
By leading well you provide a social connection for those you work with and  promote better mental wellbeing and a sense of belonging.

Self-care is the best way for you to help those around you be healthy and happier by maintaining your body, mind and connection wellbeing.

Your Family’s overall wellbeing can be enhanced by modelling positive wellness activities and sharing the benefits of mindful movement.

Workplaces can be a hectic and a disconnected part of our lives, by adding exercise to everyone’s “to do list”, you will be help decrease negative stress and build resilience with the workplace.

Your Clients often have outside influences interfering with their health & exercise goals. Whether it is a physical injury or mental distress, you can use the skills learnt in this program to have them finding a safe place with you, to keep them moving towards their wellness goals.

For Students the constant sitting at computers and barrage of online content can take a toll on their bodies and minds, with Time Out Tai Chi we focus on what each one of us can do, rather than barriers of “I can’t”. Good Posture and Breathing techniques are two of the key tai chi principles we can develop through mindful movement.

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Our modern day approach truly focuses on the concept of progress over perfection using intentional movement.

What is Tai Chi?

Originating in ancient China, Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for mind and body health.
Although an art with great depth of knowledge and skill, it can be easy to learn and soon delivers its health benefits.

For some it starts their exercise adventure, for many, it continues as a lifetime journey.
It focuses on good posture and breathing providing a calming & meditative effect.

Slow doesn't mean boring!

We are very serious about the benefits of Time Out Tai Chi, but we know you need to have a FUN and enjoyable intention behind any action.

That why we explore Tai Chi principles like GOOD POSTURE- standing tall makes you stronger, BREATHING – all excellent thing to do, WEIGHT TRANSFER – make you feel balanced & co-ordinated and BELONGING - to have a good laugh together.

Every body has the right to exercise.

Time Out Tai Chi classes can be done seated or standing depending where you are on the day.

Sometimes we all need to exercise seated as this helps with the relaxation and calmness when we are feeling unbalanced.

Students are encouraged to using "pacing" to allow their body to adapt to this mindful movement.

The features of Time Out Tai Chi

Adaptable for location (small room)
Seated option for varying health issues (falls risk) Suitable for all fitness levels
Encourages mindful movements
Reduces stress
Engages audience for health promotion
No special equipment or clothing required
All ages
Stand-alone or integrate into your own program

The benefits of Time Out Tai Chi

Reduces stress, anxiety and mood disturbances through exercise
Promotes positive mental health through exercise
Fun and engaging movements for those wishing to discover exercise
Chronic Pain Management (encourages pacing)
An inclusive activity to promote team building
Fun and engaging movements for those wishing to discover exercise
Promotes positive behaviours
Fitness Australia AusREPs receive CECs

Let's add some positive 'time out' for kids

Let's add some positive 'time out' for kids Included in our course is “Welcoming Jing”, which gives you the resources to transfer the Time Out Tai Chi knowledge base to our younger population.  This course connects with our Time Out Tai Chi illustrated children’s book “Welcoming Jing“.   Participants must hold and provide details of their Working with Children Check.

Let's share Time Out Tai Chi 

Learn to teach Time Out Tai Chi
to enhance the life of yourself and those around you.
Our training college Balance Minder is an AUSactive CEC Approved Provider
with both Time Out Tai Chi levels providing professional development points (CECs).


Training College for Time Out Tai Chi

Together we can improve wellness, build stronger communities, discover innovative tools to educate, empower and promote Usness.

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Want to have a little experience

Not sure if this is your thing, why not grab a copy of our illustrated children's book plus read-along and activities course.  One-off payment to introduce our Foundation Skills of good posture and breathing. 

 Come with us on a journey to find calmness through exercise using Time Out Tai Chi.  

We have developed a mindful movement pathway just for you.

Level 1

Exercise the body and mind through Time Out Tai Chi, we believe complete wellness is a mind and body job. That’s why our courses aims to strengthen your muscles, focus your mind and calm your emotions.

Deliver Time Out Tai Chi On your Feet (standing) as a stand-alone class or integrate into your existing classes for the general population

This Level One course introduces you to the basic instructional techniques required to use mindful movement focusing on posture, weight transfer and breathing - Time Out Tai Chi through easy to use templates.

For Children

Let's add some positive 'time out' for kids in this course “Welcoming Jing”, you have the resources to transfer the Time Out Tai Chi knowledge base to our younger population.  

This course connects with our Time Out Tai Chi illustrated children’s book “Welcoming Jing“.  

Participants must hold and provide details of their Working with Children Check. (pre-requisite successful completion Level 1)

Level 2

The course will give you the skills to develop a tailored program to accommodate the varying needs of your clients and student in an inclusive environment. (pre-requisite successful completion Level 1)

Time Out Tai Chi has been developed to give you the skills to implement an inclusive form of exercise into your service offerings.    

Did you know it’s possible to still get a great workout whilst sitting down? Many will never have considered it, whilst some might even tell you it’s not possible.  But it is. And it delivers unbelievable health and wellness benefits enabling increased flexibility and strength, while safely seated.

Level 2 focuses on exercise for specific populations, chronic illness & non-active people through customised class planning.

Community Connect

We all need somewhere to belong and meet with like-minded people.  Our Community Connect is about our community of Time Out Tai  Chi Leaders.  

The beat way to lead well is by making sure you take time upskill, relax with your Tai Chi and talk out successes and issues.

We will have regular group coaching and  conversations where we will delve into the depth of some of the ideas/themes/information on how to live and deliver this mindful movement program, Time Out Tai Chi

Time Out Tai Chi Level 1
Balance Minder - Training College
Time Out Tai Chi Level 2

Community Activation

Exercise for Every Body

Time Out Tai Chi has been honoured by being named as 1 of 3 National finalists of the Australian Fitness 2020 Community Activation Award.
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We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.
Together - side by side