Health Screening Questionnaire 

Why is this necessary?
Pre-exercise screening is part of exercise professional's duty of care.
It is important you are safe and relaxed when enjoying our classes and one way to do this is to reflect on your  own health and if there are any issues, make sure you consult your Doctor or Health Professional before commencing an exercise program.

Thank you for your co-operation.  See you in class
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Leanne Simpson

Collaboration Specialist …

A passionate wellness educator and coach with more than 25 years’ experience in Research, Training, Assessment and Facilitation in the fields of Business, Communication, Hospitality, Customer Service, Fitness and Health and Well-being. Committed to improving the health and wellness of all Australians through an integrated Tai-Chi approach, Leanne delivers comprehensive customised wellness programs that exercise both body and mind for individuals and organisations, through her wellness platform Balance Minder.  She is the author of the illustrated children's book "Welcoming Jing" through good posture & breathing. 

"As the Principal Trainer & Assessor for  Time Out Tai Chi, I help Educators, Exercise and Health Professionals, who are looking to support their Colleagues, Students and Clients to become calmer and healthier through our Time Out Tai Chi Learn to Teach digital train the trainer platform."