Discover the benefits of mindful movement

If mindfulness has you baffled, leaves you confused or you find it too hard,
we offer a unique, easy and alternate way to learn.

What is mindful movement?

Mindfulness and being present is a useful way to cope with our busy and stressful lives, but do you find sitting still and focusing on ‘nothing’ more frustrating than relaxing?

 Be guided through the Mindful Movement Mentorship, created by accredited training college, Balance Minder, with self-paced lessons available to you at any time with the online portal.
This is easy-to-learn, step-by-step program provides you with the techniques you can use anywhere to relax, take a breath and enjoy the benefits of mindfulness without being silent and still.

Included in the subscription is our signature program, Time Out Tai Chi, which is our specialised mindful movement program integrating the ancient art of tai chi made more accessible for people of all ages and abilities, including children. 
Mindful Movement Mentorship is focussed on accessible and inclusive techniques combined with positive body coaching to encourage more mindful movement and breathing which is helpful for restoring calmness and reducing anxiety. 

What makes the Mindful Movement Mentorship different?

This modern day program truly focuses on the concept of progress over perfection using intentional movement.

Believe it or not, even standing still and breathing is doing something!

Learn movements such as the Kangaroo and the Frilled Neck Lizard to make the movements fun, easy to remember and appealing to the whole family. And, once you’ve learned the basics, you can enjoy the mindful movement anywhere and anytime as needed.

While traditional tai chi is often considered very slow and complicated to learn, Time Out Tai Chi utilises the foundations of tai chi and through modified movements, making it more accessible and simple to learn.

Enjoy this mindful movement practice in silence or do it to music – you choose! Slow or fast, it’s your practice, your way.

Access via your computer plus use our APP on your tablet or mobile phone. 

Who would suit this mindful movement practice?

Our Mindful Movement Mentorship is ideal for anyone looking for: 

✅more calm in their life 
✅a simple, easy-to-follow practice for people of all ages 
✅something to compliment their existing exercise regime (it’s ideal for a warm up and cool down routine) 
✅a practice that is for all abilities and doesn’t require equipment 
✅something that can be done anywhere, anytime (even at the airport or at work!)

Designed for adults, this program is fun and easy to learn. Whether we’re learning for ourselves or welcoming others to join us, the idea of mindful movement and breathing allows us to explore mindfulness and movement first through the eyes of a child.   

The skills learnt through the  Mindful Movement Mentorship are useful tools for parents and teachers to help children regulate their emotions by recognising how they’re feeling and then providing useful breathing techniques to help calm and relax busy, frantic minds. It’s a great family-friendly activity to do together any time of the day. 

Remember, it’s not about ensuring every movement is perfect -it’s about setting an intention to move and giving it a go!

Why choose a mindful movement practice?

We have designed Mindful Movement  Mentorship so you can learn at your own pace through our easy-to-use online portal.
Every 10- 14 days new mini courses will be provided, building a solid foundation for the mindful movement practice.  

Need to revise previous courses? No problem! Each mini course is available to review at any time. It’s our aim to make learning as stress free as possible.  

We offer all the materials for you to progress from the Foundation Moves through to our Time Out Tai Chi Level 2 Teacher Qualification .

Not interested in gaining the formal qualification? That’s ok too! There is no obligation to complete the assessment. 

What does the Mindful Movement Mentorship program include:

You’ll receive the step-by-step program which can be accessed on your computer, tablet and mobile phone. And for that anywhere, anytime experience, you can connect through our app as well!
 You will find lessons for new movements, the theory and the course progression PLUS enjoy the support of our community connection forum all through our online training portal.
The program also includes the storybook Welcoming Jing, the Panda, to engage little people and help them discover how to enjoy feeling calm, relaxed and develop their inner strength through movement.
Throughout the program you will have opportunities to apply for certificates to celebrate your successful progression. These may be useful for PD credits or, if you’re a health, education or exercise professional, you may wish to obtain formal qualifications and become a Time Out Tai Chi Leader.

You’re not alone on this journey as you can ask questions, celebrate wins and connect with like-minded people around the world all enjoying the health benefits of mindful movement.

What’s the cost of the program?
more details here

$44 per month allows you to access the Mindful Movement Mentorship program, with new mini courses added every 10 -14 days, the online community and the book, Welcoming Jing (electronic & hard copy) which can have you sharing mindful movement right NOW! 

Are you ready for some more calm in your life? 
Ready to take a step in the right direction? 
We’re here to help.


Most people who undertake our course do not wish to do the assessment and that’s ok! For those looking to gain a formal certificate enabling them to teach the Time Out Tai Chi program, an assessment fee is payable at lodgement. For more information about the assessment, learn more here . 

You can practice as often or as little as you like – your practice, your way. Research has shown us that repetition does assist in creating muscle memory and consistent practice can produce better results. How often you practice is completely up to you. 

You can do mindful movement literally anywhere! Ideal for when you’re feeling stressed and things feel like they’re getting on top of you, you can practice the moves wherever you need to. There is no special equipment required and because the program is available on mobile, you can take it anywhere! Feeling stressed out in a queue? Breathe using the techniques learnt to control the chaos within the mind and restore some balance.

Time Out Tai Chi can be done with or without music. Our classes are often done to music of various genres, and it can be a great way to get the kids involved. You can check out Balance Minder’s playlists in Spotify. We also provide some copyright free music for your personal use.

We’ve developed this program for people of all ages and abilities. Perhaps someone in the family isn’t so steady on their feet – we offer a seated version as well! Children of all ages enjoy learning and being involved in the classes so why not let them join in too?

NOTE: You should not exercise beyond your own abilities and should be cleared by a medical professional before beginning an exercise program. If you know or are concerned that you have a medical condition which might interfere with you exercising safely, you should get advice from a relevant medical professional and follow that advice before using our program. We take no responsibility for any injuries or losses caused by the misuse of the program
We would encourage you to have a quick, confidential chat to help put your mind at ease. Mindful Movement Mentorship has been designed to be inclusive of people with all manner of health concerns. It is a great practice for people who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, signs of aging or who have disabilities. While it is not a cure the wonderful endorphins created from this mindful movement will be beneficial.

Payment can be made online though payment gateway. No details are stored, nor to we have direct access to your payment information.

Start Welcoming Jing with our foundation moves and Time Out Tai Chi beginner’s experience (seated and standing). Check out Time Out Tai Chi – what’s it about? and receive our bonus Time Out Tucker – 5 ingredients recipes (a new recipes added regularly) Move to Finding Jing through Mindful moving & breathing for you and our children - a mini course focusing on intention within our mindful movement. Then before you know it, it’s time to start Embracing Jing, this is where we start to looking at some more moves and at the layers within the moves and learn some background theory.

Start Welcoming Jing with our foundation moves and Time Out Tai Chi beginner’s experience (seated and standing). Check out Time Out Tai Chi – what’s it about? and receive our bonus Time Out Tucker – 5 ingredients recipes (a new recipes added regularly) Move to Finding Jing through Mindful moving & breathing for you and our children - a mini course focusing on intention within our mindful movement. Then before you know it, it’s time to start Embracing Jing, this is where we start to looking at some more moves and at the layers within the moves and learn some background theory.

We all like to celebrate successes! You can apply for a “Certificate of Success” at the end of most courses. Sometimes you just need to request one and other times you may need to complete a questionnaire. To receive a Certificate of Completion to be a Time Out Tai Chi Level 1 &/or Level 2 Leader you will need to successfully complete the applicable assessments.

Most definitely, you will find a link within the support section to book and pay or you may like to have a monthly 1:1 session. Simply upgrade your subscription.

Can be roughly translated to mean serenity and is also the name of our panda in our children’s illustrated book.

Speak directly with the founder and director of Balance Minder, Leanne Simpson. Her extensive background as a practitioner of tai chi, a qualified personal trainer and parent, provides her with a wealth of knowledge and experience to be able to answer your questions. Contact her directly details here


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Leanne brings a unique and fun approach to learning utilising her 25 years’ experience in research, training, assessment, and facilitation in many industries (including fitness, health, wellbeing industry business, communication, hospitality and customer service). She is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of all Australians through an integrated Tai-Chi approach, delivering comprehensive customised wellness programs that exercise both body and mind. Inspired by the world around her, Leanne is also the author of the illustrated children's book Welcoming Jing that demonstrates strength and balance through good posture & breathing. "Utilising my custom designed program, Time Out Tai Chi, I help educators, exercise and health professionals, who are looking to support their colleagues, students and clients to become calmer and healthier utilising our “Learn to Teach” digital trainer platform." .

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