Time Out Tai Chi Level 1 Leader Training

Learn to teach our standing Tai Chi program with BONUS personalised coaching sessions


*the connection between exercise and mental health
*Tai Chi is an exercise
*how to connect tai chi with fitness components
*why Tai Chi is mindful movement using tai chi principles
*how Tai Chi is beneficial for our overall health - physical, mental & social
*how to explain & demonstrate the tai chi principles of Posture, Weight Transfer & Breathing
*what Qigong is
*the importance of safety when practicing Tai Chi moves
*How to demonstrate & lead the Time Out Tai Chi play it safe skills
*how to apply the Tai Chi Principles to the moves
*how to perform the Time Out Tai Chi moves
*how to engage your participants in mindful movement
*how to plan a Time Out Tai Chi (standing) class *

Support through
Assignment Assist

Our Principal Trainer, Leanne Simpson wants you to complete your goal to be a Time Out Tai Chi Level 1 Leader.  Assignment Assist helps you with the technology plus the assessment video nerves through personalised coaching sessions.

Time Out Tai Chi Leaders are fun and calming and so our training needs to be the same.

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Learn to teach Time Out Tai Chi. Our Level 1 course has you developing your tai chi skills to deliver our On your Feet (standing) program as a stand-alone class or integrated into your current offerings with a focus on exercise for mental health.

Be a part of our growing community of mindful movement practitioners. This is an AUSactive CEC approved course.

Visit the course listing below to view learning outcomes & award, CEC value and learning hours

Upon successful completion of this course you are eligible to access our Level 2 program provides the skills to deliver Time Out Tai Chi to specific populations and includes Off your Feet (seated) program

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  • Level 1 Leader Training
  • $464 AUD

    Course materials plus personalised training

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  • Videos, Manual & Templates
  • Virtual Live, Personalised (zoom or ms teams)
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Leanne Simpson

Collaboration Specialist …

A passionate wellness educator and coach with more than 25 years’ experience in Research, Training, Assessment and Facilitation in the fields of Business, Communication, Hospitality, Customer Service, Fitness and Health and Well-being. Committed to improving the health and wellness of all Australians through an integrated Tai-Chi approach, Leanne delivers comprehensive customised wellness programs that exercise both body and mind for individuals and organisations, through her wellness platform Balance Minder.  She is the author of the illustrated children's book "Welcoming Jing" through good posture & breathing. 

"As the Principal Trainer & Assessor for  Time Out Tai Chi, I help Educators, Exercise and Health Professionals, who are looking to support their Colleagues, Students and Clients to become calmer and healthier through our Time Out Tai Chi Learn to Teach digital train the trainer platform."

We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.
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